Youtube Marketing Local Client Magnet Video Course & Mindmap

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These videos are included in your Youtube Marketing Course: Local Client Magnet

Video #1
Integrating Your USP Into Your Business

Video #2
How to Implement A Horizontal Profit Funnel

Video #3
How to Implement A Vertical Profit Funnel

Video #4
Creating Your List Building System

Video #5
Setting Up Your Tracking System

Video #6
Setting Up A Joint Venture

Video #7
Creating an Affiliate Opportunity

Video #8
Implementing Urgency and Scarcity

Video #9
Using Your Website As Home Base

Video #10
Using A Silo Architecture for SEO

Video #11
Automating Your Marketing Processes

Video #12
Self Publishing Your Book

Video #13
Publishing Your Online Course


“Give Me Sixty Minutes And I’ll Show You How to Have A Plan To Market Any Product or Service In Any Niche”

You’ve come to this page because you’re want to know how to stop make a real marketing plan that depends on timeless principles.  You’re probably tired of hearing….

Everybody is on have to do Facebook Ads…

Everybody’s using their mobile phone, you have to get a mobile App…

Or maybe you’ll hear…Hey, do you have a membership site…everybody need a membership site…

And you start to wonder, who is right?  Who do I trust?

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